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Is it time to take care of you?

Have you found yourself in a turmoil of feelings? Maybe feeling overwhemed, stressed or anxious and ungrounded?  Life can be challenging at times and sometimes we can become disconnected from ourselves and others. When we feel stressed it can become all consuming and take over our daily life. Before we know it our relationships, work, health, inner peace and our sleep are all affected.

When this kept happening to me I knew I couldn't keep going round the same loop anymore and I knew I had to hit the pause button and reconnect with me. Which I did and I found by turning inward and meditating I knew I would get through these feelings and that I would be okay. Now through regular meditation practice I am now feeling centred, empowered, connected, calm, safe and sleeping no matter what is happening to me.

On top of our everyday stresses we are now finding ourselves in a time of uncertainty. You may find yourself unusually feeling anxious, unsure, scared or overwhelmed. These feelings are a completely normal reaction to such a confusing & difficult situation but that doesn’t mean you have to be consumed or controlled by them.  My regular meditation has helped me to find inner joy and hidden blessings at this difficult time.

With regular meditation practice you will start to look within to find the strength and inner peace that resides in you. This will help to ease overwhelming, anxiety-producing and fearful feelings. You will learn how to remain in control during uncertain times and come out the other side stronger than ever.

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This is why I created the ‘21 Days of Guided Meditation’ series to help you to turn inward to the find the strength, confidence and resources to deal with disempowering feelings. 

Each unique twenty-minute meditation I lovingly guide you and each one been created to heal, to empower and to help unlock your infinite possibilities.

During this ‘21 Days of Guided Meditation’ series you will:

● Embrace inner peace and stillness
● Restore a sense of hope
● Learn how to manifest your dreams
● Connect with your Guardian Angel
● Heal past pains
● Boost your self-love and confidence
● Discover the power within you

As your Soul Coach, I am here to give you all the support, guidance, and tools you need to get through this time and come out stronger. You’ll be refreshed and ready to show the world your full potential, and unlock the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. 


The Soul Coach xx

Price: £35 for complete course

Downloadable meditations, lifetime access wherever & whenever you choose.

Here is what other people say:

"Hi Carolina. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the 21 days of meditation course. As I said before, within a couple of days I found it helped me sleep better but now I’m so much calmer in response to any stresses that arise during the day and look forward to making the time to fit ‘me’ into the day. It may only be 20 minutes but a very powerful 20 minutes to reset and continue more positively. I will continue this routine now after the course and looking forward to revisiting a few of my favourite meditations. Simply amazing."

" I cannot recommend this 21 day course enough - and this is coming from someone who has previously struggled with meditation, despite being a yoga teacher and Reiki master! To say the course has been life changing may sound over the top but hear me out. Each of the meditations is carefully themed and contains its own particular message. The themes range from energising to relaxing, accessing your inner power and motivation through to letting go of what no longer serves you. Each of these lessons will resonate on different days, and that’s part of the beauty of the collection, because you can revisit the meditation that you need for you, right now, depending on your current state of mind. Carolina delivers these meditations In bite sized chunks, in a calm and soothing way. After a few day’s of listening and feeling the benefits, I guarantee you will be positively motivated to want to make meditation an essential part of your daily life. At this price you really have nothing to lose by trying so prepare to be amazed!"

"6 years ago my dad and granddad died, and I split up with a partner all in the same week and in the months following I was in a very dark place. I started reading loads of self help books and the one thing that kept coming up was meditation-an old friend of mine that I had not been in touch with for years all of a sudden got in touch with me and he had been meditating for about six months and said it had changed his life so I decided to give it a go. I started with guided mediations from You Tube and did at least 20 minutes a day - but not always in one go- and in 10 days I could not believe the differences it made to me, I had felt so low for months and suddenly I felt lighter and more hopeful about life. I have meditated ever single day since - apart from feeling immediately lots better I have changed so much in the last 6 years- I am so much calmer than I ever used to be and the foggy head that I lived with - not even realising that wasn’t ‘normal’ has cleared! I went from guided to silent meditating over time and in the last few years had rarely used guided meditations and then lock down happened. Due to my living situation that I suddenly found myself in and the general anxiety caused by the pandemic I was finding meditating a lot harder to do. So I decided I needed some guided meditation and luckily the soul coach brought out her course of 21 meditations! It was so great to have a change and I love all the different meditations that you can choose from- I pick one for whatever I need on a certain day. I would recommend meditating daily to EVERYONE - it will change your life!!

"I had been meaning to start meditating for years, but have never managed to make it enough of a priority. I did my Reiki 1 and 2 training with Carolina, and realised that I probably needed to start meditating for many reasons, the top one being for my general wellbeing. I was starting to realise that I was having trouble keeping my mind still, and I needed to do find a way of helping my mind to find some peace and calm.
I went to The Soul Coach’s website and came across some short guided meditations. I tried a couple of them, and found that I was able to follow them easily. After the first two or three, I realised that I was feeling calmer, stiller and more centred. I decided to invest in the 21 day meditation course by The Soul Coach, and I can honestly say that it has been life changing.
The 21 day format was fantastic for keeping me focused and committed to meditation. Each day was the same format, but with a different focus. Some were beautiful and left me with the most incredible feeling of peace and bliss. There were some I found more challenging, which gave me the opportunity to explore why I personally found them challenging. I found that they tended to point to areas of my development that required more input. I benefited from them so much, I bought the programme for two friends as gifts.
I now meditate every day, usually for at least half an hour. I still dip into The Soul Coach’s 21 day program, and I am slowly learning how to meditate without guidance. My mind can still wander, but I now find it easier to bring it back.  Since lockdown, I have found that daily meditation has helped keep my mind balanced and centred, and I have had a feeling of calm most of the time, which I attribute to my meditation practice.
Anyone who is thinking of starting to meditate, I would say DO IT! You have absolutely nothing to lose, and it is worth persevering with to experience the lovely feelings of calmness and peacefulness."

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A full list of meditations included;

  • Meditation Tips
  • Healing Shield Meditation
  • Balancing your Chakras Meditation
  • Rainbow Meditation
  • Letting Go Meditation
  • Inner Power Meditation
  • Good Morning Meditation
  • Good Night Meditation
  • Healing Fountain Meditation
  • Connecting to your Higher Self Meditation
  • Breathing Meditation
  • Inner Smile Meditation
  • Sea Meditation
  • Clouds Meditation
  • Universal Energy Meditation
  • Manifestation Meditation
  • Inner Flame Meditation
  • Eagle Meditation
  • Stillness Meditation
  • Sun Meditation
  • Connecting with your Guardian Angel Meditation
  • Star Meditation

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