How to Energy Clear and Feng Shui

Does your home feel right? Does it feel safe? Do you feel like you can relax? If the answer is no, negative energy may have been building up. All this negative energy can have a dramatic impact on your health, well-being, relationships and finances. You can clear this energy easily using a sage stick or palo santo incense. To begin, get your sage stick (or incense) and hold it over a heatproof dish. Make sure all the windows are closed, and then light the sage and blow out the flames. Walk around the house in a clockwise direction and waft the smoke into the corners, with the intention of clearing the energy. Do this until you feel it's complete. Once this is done, you need to fill the empty space with positive energy. You can do this either by using uplifting incense or essential oils, crystals or by visualising positive energy filling the space.


We then recommend incorporating Feng Shui into your home. The Bagua is a part of Tibetan Feng Shui. You can apply this template to your whole house or just a room. When using the Bagua, always stand with your back to the front door or the door of the room you are working in. If you want to attract or improve a romantic relationship, it is best to use the right hand corner of your bedroom when your back is against the bedroom door. 


When activating any of these areas, it is recommend you clear out any clutter so that energy can flow smoothly through the space. This can be done by physically removing any clutter as well as using sage to remove negative energy. Make it look and feel how you want that area in your life to be, for example in a relationship corner you may want a piece of rose quartz or a figure representing what you want out of a relationship. It is important that when you are working with and creating this space to visualise what you want from it and to set the intention behind your actions.


For more information, see the YouTube tab for videos on each Bagua section.

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