10 Tips for Dealing with Stress

May 02, 2019

Stress is caused by a number of reasons and it can happen at any time whether at home or at work, stress is experienced differently by everyone and can be all consuming.

Sometimes stress can be caused by not accepting what’s happening in the moment and wanting to do something else or be somewhere else instead.

We may feel stress when we are faced with something new. We can hold on to what we are familiar with and become fearful of the unknown which can cause us to feel stressed because of what may or may not happen. It is important to remember that this fear is just a feeling, and like all feelings, it will ebb and flow. In reality when we become more present and in the moment of the unknown, it is usually okay – it becomes the new familiar.

Accepting our feelings and being in the moment can help to decrease our stress. Sometimes we just need to pause and allow the stress to flow through us.

Here are some tips that you could try next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed, or to help you relax and reconnect with yourself after a stressful day:

1. Pause and breathe. We tend to hold our breath when we feel stressed so pause and take a long deep breath when you feel you’re getting overwhelmed.

2. Affirmations can be really useful. Try saying to yourself ‘I am okay’, ‘I’ve got this’, ‘it will all work out’ or ‘this moment will pass’. These can help you to work through the stress.

3. Accept the situation as it is and do the best you can in the moment.

4. Practice mindfulness – mindfulness is about bringing your attention and consciousness into the present moment – we don’t have yesterday, we don’t have tomorrow, we only have right now.

5. Be grateful for everything that shows up in your life – even the challenges. We can grow from every situation. Remember that life wants you to be happy and experience abundance.

6. Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and actions, knowing that you are capable of changing them.

7. Create some sacred time for yourself and a space where you can completely let go and relax.

8. Take some time out for you, however big or small – it could be a gentle walk, meditating or taking a bath.

9. Do something creative – bake, write, paint, draw, make a mood board. When we are being creative it brings us naturally into the moment and raises our happiness.

10. Know this very moment will pass – maybe think about how you want your moments to be, how you can deal with stress the next time you feel it.


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