Attract Love into Your Life with Feng Shui

May 02, 2019

I often get asked questions about Feng Shui and sacred spaces so I have that today will be about answering those questions. We will explore different energy points in the home, how to make your space sacred and other exciting facets of Feng Shui!

Today we will look at how to strengthen relationships using Feng Shui and the best area in your house to activate to attract a new love or to improve a relationship you already have.

According to Tibetan Principles, this area is the right hand corner of your bedroom when your back is to the door. Make sure this is clean, clutter free and put a picture or ornament that resembles what you want to feel in a relationship in that space. To activate that area even more you may find I beneficial to put a piece of rose quartz there too.

This is what my relationship corner looks like at home – it’s in the far right corner of my house and our room, I have a little statue of an embracing couple and a beautiful heart! However you arrange your relationship corner should be significant to you.


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