Divine Inspiration

Apr 30, 2023

I've been reflecting on my life since opening Quest in 2007 just 3 weeks before my 40th. It was never a dream of mine to open a shop, but whilst recovering from a back operation in October 2006, I was ‘still’ enough to hear an idea that came bubbling up from deep within me. I acted on the idea immediately, as it resonated with my whole being. Getting to where I am today hasn’t happened without its challenges. The first shop didn't work out but I didn't give up or let it get me down. I knew this was not the right place for our shop. Within a day or two we were guided to the right place which was perfect for us. The shop opened June 2007, but in the November a car went straight through the shop window and destroyed 90% of the shop. Again I saw this as an opportunity. We rebuilt the shop in 3 weeks! 


The synchronicities that lead to us being able to do that were in abundance. For a start, our first customer was a builder who bought lots of crystals and he rebuilt the front of the shop (RIP Gerry). My mum and I always argued about the front of the shop so having it rebuilt was a complete bonus. Our clairvoyant, Val Hood, had randomly taken lots of photos of the shop on the previous Saturday. The neighbour had been nagging us since June to leave our number with him, which I finally got round to doing the night before the crash. 


As people heard about our story the community came together to help. Friends of ours, Sarah and Micky helped clear the shop, and our family, customers and friends counted the stock. The insurer who came to see us before and after couldn't believe what we had achieved in such a short space of time. I'm still so grateful to everyone who helped us at that time. 


Our amazing, out of this world Kathy saw it in the paper (we went to school together) and met up with me and the rest is history. Kathy is now one of the most sought-after medium/aura specialists in the country with an 8 month waiting list. I see this all happened from something far greater than me or any of us. I know it was the Divine orchestrating everything. All I needed to do was get out of the way, be present and follow the breadcrumbs. 


Following on from this, the history of Quest has followed in the same Divine way. Sonia (the now marketing manager from the Ashley Centre) came into our shop in Ewell one day and asked if we would do an event for Halloween which we did in 2008 and 2009. Thanks to Diana (prior marketing manager) and Sonia we were amazed to find ourselves opening the doors to our new shop in the Ashley Centre in May 2010. Opening a spiritual shop in a mainstream shopping centre was a challenge to begin with, but as consciousness has evolved, we are part of the norm now! 


Divine inspiration happens all the time, so to ensure I’m able to hear and act upon it, I make sure I am as clear as possible. I free my mind from beliefs, judgements or emotions that I know can cloud those moments. Everything I do is Divine led. From the teaching I do, the Reiki Community that we’ve built, the online courses I’ve created (including my latest one 'Living a Life of Magic'), my little inspirational books, my children's books, and my one to one sessions. I’ve been guided to create them all.


Of course, all of this hasn't come without its challenges, but I know in my heart that all challenges are there for us to grow, reset or to help us in some way. Words sometimes aren't enough to say how grateful I feel and it is with a huge open heart that I thank EVERYONE who has been part of Quest’s journey…this Divine journey. So what's next? Watch this space, On A Quest Clothing, Reiki Surrey and perhaps something else...let's see what the Divine has in store. 


What does Divine inspiration feel or look like? It’s a difficult question to answer, as it’s different for everyone and the English language doesn’t seem to have the right words to describe it. However, I’ll do my best to describe how I experience it. So, for me, these are the times I notice it the most:

  • First thing in the morning 
  • During a Reiki session 
  • In the shower 
  • On holiday
  • And sometimes just randomly

It’s a feeling or a thought that bubbles up from inside my body and I feel inspired to take action immediately. There is no fear. It’s a complete acceptance. An inner knowing. By comparison, my ‘thinking’ head tends to be more chatty, fear based from past experiences or fear about something in the future or a feeling of being ungrounded, If this happens I know I need to reconnect back within myself. 


Divine inspiration flows as easily as running your hand through water. It has a magic. A oneness that happens entirely spontaneously...


I wonder, how has Divine inspiration shown up in your life? What times do you notice it the most? Do comment and let me know. 


(I can't sign off without saying a huge massive thank you to Will, Amelia and Harriette, our friends, family, the Quest family and to all our amazing customers 💚 ~ I love you all)


Love and Peace 


The Soul Coach x


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