Feng Shui Your Front Door

May 02, 2019

Good afternoon!

Today I’m going to tell you about a friend of ours and how his path changed when he altered one of the most important places in his home – the front door.

A previous neighbour of ours was telling us that a large business deal he was working on had been experiencing a number of problems and was worried that it may not go through.

He was standing outside the front of his house whilst telling us this, I noticed that the front of his house was quite unkempt and covered in weeds. I explained to him that in Feng Shui this was his career area and that maybe he could try pulling all his weeds up and give it a spruce up.

Skeptical but willing to try anything he got on with it. Within the week he knocked on our door and was quite excited as the deal had finally gone through.

Is this a coincidence? Does it matter? He felt great and the business deal went through!

How’s the front of your house? Does it feel welcoming? Do you have plants growing abundantly? Is it clean and in good condition?

In Feng Shui the front of your house relates to your career and is the area where energy first enters your home, so it is important to make it as positive and abundant as possible. 

Here’s a few ideas that might help you:

– Make sure any weeds are pulled up

– Plant flowers where you can or keep pots of pretty plants about the area – make sure you look after them and keep them well nurtured.

– Keep your front door looking neat, you might want to repaint it or give it a clean

– If the energy is feeling stale it might be beneficial to get some sage and clear it out


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