How to Attract Helpful Friends into your Life

May 02, 2019

We all need a bit of help sometimes and it’s okay to ask for it. If you’re not feeling supported or want to strengthen your support network, why not have a look at your friendship area in your home?

According to Tibetan Feng Shui, as you come in your front door, the immediate right hand corner of the room is your helpful friends and travel area of your home or business.

These can be unseen helpful friends or people around you. Make sure you clear it up, clean it out and make it as attractive as possible.

To make the best of this area you could put ornaments/pictures/vision boards of angels, spirit guides, gods, goddesses, saints etc to attract guardian angels and other helpful beings into your life.

You could put postcards, books, photos or pictures of where you have travelled or would like to travel or just affirm that your travel plans will go well.

You could put a box in that corner and add all your affirmations and wishes into it to. The colour of this box could be silver or grey as this is the colour best represented in this area of your home, business or even your desk.

Happy travelling or evoking helpful friends into your life!

Let me know how you get on with this in the comments xxxx


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