Manifest Your Dreams

May 17, 2019

Everything is made up of energy. This energy is constantly vibrating - whatever energy you put out into the cosmos is the level of energy you will be vibrating at and attracting back to you. For example, if you are feeling positive then you will attract positive energy to you. If you tap into the energy of what you want, it will be drawn to you like a magnet. This is how you can manifest things into your life.


An integral part of manifesting is specifically recognising and appreciating what you have already manifested in your life. Who is in your life? Where are you living? What job do you have? Who are your friends? How’s your health? Ask yourself these questions and jot down everything that’s already great in your life. It’s also important to include things you have manifested that you may not like so much. Think of negative people or outcomes that have happened in your life which you might not be happy with.

Once you’ve identified some things that you have already manifested, it’s time to think about how you might have manifested them. Think about what happened, who did you meet, what was the process? For example, after Quest had been open for 2.5 years in Ewell Village the landlord wanted to reduce the size of the shop. This would have reduced our business by 50% and was not an option for us. We knew we needed to find somewhere else and wanted a bigger unit, but didn’t know how or where that would be. In the meantime, the lovely ladies from the Ashley Centre had randomly asked us to do a Halloween event for them. We loved it so much and it ended up with us getting a shop in the Ashley Centre.


Look back at some of the pivotal things in your life you noted down earlier and think about how they came about. It could have been just a seemingly random action or a chance meeting, but the outcome resulted in something you had been wanting and manifesting for a long time. We are constantly manifesting. Every second of the day we are co-creating our reality through our thoughts, feelings actions and words.


Reflect about some of the things that you keep manifesting over and over again on a daily basis but are not working out. Observe yourself and think about what you are saying, feeling and doing. Or perhaps there are things you are not doing. Also observe any feelings that might be coming and going, or staying. What feelings are you manifesting on a daily basis? Are you manifesting joy, happiness, love, sadness, loneliness, frustration, stress, depression? What are you saying to yourself about these feelings? Are you making them who you are? Are you identifying with them? Take some time to observe your feelings for a couple of days, without judging or buying into them. Write these feelings down, making note of any feelings that might be stronger or more overwhelming. It's important to remember that you are not your feelings and you have the power to manifest the feelings you desire.

These feelings may be why you are or are not manifesting the things you want into your life.


You have the power over what you manifest on a daily basis just by changing your thoughts. Think about one thing you would like to manifest. Keep it simple, it could just be a parking space, or being first in the queue or having a smooth journey somewhere. Once you have decided on something, visualise how it would look, what actions you will take towards it and what you will feel. For example, the other day we were going to a hospital in London so I visualised a parking space right outside. Before we left, I visualised high fiving my husband and saying wow that was lucky. Sure enough when we got there, there was a perfect space. We drove in, did the high 5 and said wow that was lucky. Once you have achieved manifesting the small things, you can move onto your main desires.


Think about what you want to bring into your life and your main desires. Perhaps it’s a new job or a new relationship. Once you’ve thought of something, take a moment to brainstorm how you would feel if you had this in your life. This is a really important step, so take some time to write down the emotions and feelings. The next step is to spend a day feeling as though the manifestation has already happened. What emotions do you have and how does this affect your day? What will you be doing and saying? Really put yourself in this situation and see it surround you.


By doing this, your energy will vibrate at the same level as what it would if you were in this situation, and you will attract more of this feeling into your life. When you’ve fully immersed yourself into manifesting your desires, just let it go. Trust that it (or something even better) will come to you.


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