Jul 09, 2022

Thank you for reading my blogs, they are just my thoughts based on my own experiences.

Nothing/Nothingness: Nothing is just that - nothing, no words.

Nothingness has, therefore, pure potential – everything comes from nothing! All creation comes from nothing. We fill the nothing. How do you currently fill the nothing? How do you want to fill the nothing?

When we die I believe the energy that we are, that has many names: nothingness, formless, the great unknown, God, Grace… becomes unmanifested energy once again - nothing. Our personality, our body, our mind, our form are no longer present. We are just part of the whole again as unmanifested energy ready to be manifested once again into some form. Depending on what, or who, you read, which Religion you subscribe to or the philosophy you follow, they will all give this energy a name and interpret it according to their scriptures, their belief system, their way. But if we take away the words, what are we left with? Nothing… From this nothing, anything can be manifested!

We, as human beings, have a form, a body, and a mind but there is no separation, we are the nothingness; it cannot be separated as it’s essentially who we are. Strip back our body, strip back our mind, strip back our feelings, we are nothing…

From my experience our purpose this lifetime is to awaken to who we are, to realise that we are in essence the nothing and that by realising we are the nothing we can then create our best lives. Work with the nothing that you are, allow yourself to be in the nothingness, surrender to the nothingness and, from this space, you will manifest and create the life that you were meant to live.

Nothingness to me feels like a deep peace, joyful, still yet there is movement. When we connect to the ‘nothingness’, there is power. Its possibilities are limitless. All creation comes from nothing. We are often afraid of delving into our nothingness as it’s an unfamiliar place. We also believe it will be a painful experience as we have stored all of the uncomfortable thoughts and emotions which we find hard to process, deep in our minds and bodies, so we resist.

We all strive to feel peace of mind/joy. It’s interesting isn’t it, that what we crave most we think is out there somewhere, if only this would happen, or if I get that, I will feel happy, but the peace/joy is different; it’s waiting patiently inside of you. Nothing is our true essence, not what our mind, bodies or feelings would have us believe. Nothing and no one can give us this peace/joy, it’s only found within. When we feel this joy and peace we know it can’t be taken away as it’s not something that comes from the outside. We can’t take something away from nothing, so whenever we feel disconnected we need to return to the nothingness.

We do not have to be born into or live in, a particular set of circumstances to feel this peace/joy. We don’t have to be a monk or sit on a mountain for weeks at a time, or do something external or worthy to feel this peace and joy. All we need to do is wake up and realise that we are not our feelings, our successes or our failures. We are not our minds or our bodies. We are not our manifestations. We are not our beliefs. We are not our fears or our sickness. These do not define us. Strip all of this away and let go of your mental and emotional constructs; let go of what your thoughts have you believe you are. Instead, in each moment choose how you want to create this moment. Be present to the nothing in each moment.

Awaken to your peace and joy by delving into everything you are not. Face your fears. Face your imprisoned beliefs. Surrender it all and you will find peace!

What is created from the nothing? Everything. All that you see has been created out of nothing. Look at the table, the glass, your computer, your phone, your loved ones, the trees, the birds; it’s all manifested out of nothing. Nothing is waiting to be manifested every moment of every day.


10 Practical Steps to Embracing the Nothing

1. Come back to your breath, take slow deep breaths and come back to your body several times a day and whenever you feel disconnected.

2. Don’t reach for your phone first thing in the morning, but take a few moments to bring yourself into your body. Take a few deep breaths and ask the nothingness to help your day flow. Ask the nothing - where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say? Give grateful thanks that you are awake and you have another day to realise your best self. Drink some fresh water…

3. Every moment of every day is an invitation to be in the nothingness. This may not mean anything, to begin with, so if you don’t already have an established meditation practice, introduce several regular 10 minutes sessions of meditation during the day. Meditation is an aid to help quieten your mind… eventually, the moments of nothingness will happen with no effort.

4. Remember that nothingness is our essential being so it’s not something to be gained or obtained; you will feel it when you let go, so practice letting go of your thoughts and your feelings throughout the day. To do this, become aware of them; no action is needed, just awareness. Where are they in your body?

5. Go about your day with ease, knowing you are manifesting/creating your life with every choice you make, knowing it’s coming from the nothing – this will be difficult to with, but you need to start from somewhere – having the awareness of nothingness is a great start. You will then start to see small creations of you being the best version of yourself, creating the life you wish to create.

6. If any thoughts come up that you interpret as challenging, ask yourself how do they feel and where do you feel them? Write them down - this will give you an insight into what’s blocking the nothingness.

7. Drink lots of fresh water throughout the day to keep you hydrated.

8. Before going to sleep, give silent thanks for how peace/joy/creativity has shown up in your life and also give thanks to anything that you have identified as getting in the way of the nothingness.

9. Spend time in nature every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, be in the nothingness outside, not on your phone, just practise sitting, standing, walking in the stillness and be aware of everything around you - the trees, plants, ground, sky…

10. Find a coach/counsellor to help you face your limiting beliefs/thoughts and feelings.


We are who we choose to be, in each moment. Start by letting go of all that you know, embrace the peace/joy inside of you, and allow your mind to understand that you have choices in each moment of being who you want to be. Remember the tea towel drawer effect; when you move the tea towels to a new drawer in your kitchen, which drawer do you keep going back to to get the tea towel? It’s not until we get used to the new drawer that we stop going back to the old one. This is true of any change and anything new that happens. We first have to become aware of the changes we want to make; we then work out how we are going to change; then we can make that change and finally we learn to accept the change.

Embrace your nothingness. Remember you are nothingness. Who you are is pure peace and joy - maybe you had just forgotten. Who you are is already a representation of the nothingness - you just didn’t know it, but now you do…


Carolina (The Soul Coach) x


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