Soul Coach Writes... A Recap

Jun 20, 2022

Before I start, I just want to say a big thank you for all your support with my blog so far - to everyone who reads, interacts on socials & shares - I really appreciate you all!

I have been writing on my blog for a few months now - and have absolutely loved it! So, this week I thought I would recap some of my favourite posts I have written so far, with an exciting 'Carolina's Travels' blog scheduled for next week... Enjoy! 

Love, Carolina (The Soul Coach) x


A Call to Prayer - My first ever blog! 

"It's interesting is it not? Where life takes us.  

I like to look back sometimes and reflect on how I've got to where I am.

What some of the influences around where I am are. Who? What? Why? In this case - Where?

While writing my first ever personal blog, I find myself on a little island called Dhigarah; sandy beaches, clear, blue water, palm trees & a few guesthouses. We are staying in one called ‘Bliss’ and Dhigurah is just that; Bliss. It really is paradise - the sun is shining, the sea is blue and Islanders welcoming and happy. "

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Suffering - One of the hardest blogs for me to write, to put into words such a personal topic...

"I have, at times, had to crawl through each day one at a time. I’ve had days in my past where I have stayed in my PJs all day feeling so down with no hope. On all of these occasions, sometimes within a few minutes and sometimes a few days or weeks, an incredible feeling of strength, hope and calm comes over me and I know I can carry on."

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When is Fear Helpful & When is it Not? - A blog about once of the best experiences in my life, the fear before it, and how I got over that fear to gain one of the best experiences in my life...

"Although I was afraid, I wanted to see the whale shark so much, so I gathered myself up, gave myself a good talking to and jumped in... I survived. I didn’t drown. I wasn’t attacked by a shark...I swam, snorkelled, saw the whale shark and fell in love with the ocean. That was 4 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I had a choice in that moment to be my fear, or to let go and trust that I would be ok."

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Carolina's Adventures - The Start - The beginning of my travel journeys around Greece - with many blogs following... 

"As I write this, Will and I find ourselves in a beautiful studio high up on a hill in Paros, Greece; and, as travelling for me seems to do, I have been spending the day reflecting on how come Will and I are here - the twists and turns of life that have led us to here."

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Carolina's Adventures - Santorini - A travel blog all about our time in Santorini; a bit of history, places to visit & my thoughts on the beautiful island.

"Here is a very brief history: Santorini, as it is today, was created by three volcanic explosions around the 17th century BCE (before current era) (Bronze Age). Before this time, living on the Island called Thera were the Minoans/Therans. They were an advanced civilisation, and these explosions led their Island to sink into the sea and to be lost forever."

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