The Lonely Turtle 🐢

Jul 24, 2022

Over the last year or so I have been inspired, like many others, to write a children’s book. My first idea centred on a Dragon looking for love, so he sets off around the world, encountering different people and adventures in search of his quest. It was such fun chatting through my ideas with family and friends and, before I knew it, I had completed my book and it's now in the process of being illustrated… I love this story so much as the characters and plot really captured my heart.

In January this year, Will and I spent time in the Maldives. Whilst we were there, we went on a boat trip to see the Whale Sharks, and I suddenly noticed a turtle, all on its own in the ocean and had the idea for my second book. I turned to Will and said ‘I have another idea, all about a Lonely Turtle’. My second book was born – I think Will thought ‘Oh no, not another idea…’ as those around me will know, I am never short of ideas!

The turtle book was written whilst we were still away, inspired by our trip and, after some final editing and lots of discussion, has now been illustrated and (excitingly) is now published! The dragon book will be out in the Autumn…

Having trained as a Nursery Nurse and worked with children (and being a child at heart myself), I’ve always dreamt that I would like to write a children’s book one day but just thought I wasn’t good enough as I didn’t do well at school. With the help of my lovely friends and family, I am so happy this dream has now come true.

Sadly, my Dad passed away in December 2021, so he didn't get to see my published books. He had a real love of writing and was always writing poems, memoirs and stories. Whenever I write now, I feel his strong presence around me, and I hope/know he would be so proud of me. I already have written a second dragon book and, only yesterday, had another idea for a different story with some special characters.

Please don’t give up on your dreams, whatever they might be - and if you want to write, and publish, a book it's so achievable - just like your own goals. Don’t keep them hidden, or listen to negative thoughts or comments from others, but keep pursuing those dreams. Who knows where you’ll end up?

You can check out the book on Quest’s shop by clicking here, or even get it on Amazon by clicking here! I hope you love it as much as I do, and it brings joy to a lot of children around the UK, and even the world!

Love, Carolina x


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