The Power of Reiki

May 11, 2019

I know Reiki works because of my dad.

In 2017 my dad did a silly thing and accidentally set fire to himself. He was air ambulanced to Galway Hospital where they put him in an induced coma. In the morning when I spoke to the night nurse that cared for him overnight, they told me he should be moved to Dublin Burns Unit but was too ill to be moved. I prayed and sent Reiki. Later that day he was able to be moved to Dublin but we were still told to expect the worst. Dad had diabetes and was going through kidney failure, which we’re told are two of the four conditions that do not help burn victims. The next few days were critical, and Dad had several operations. We were told he was still unlikely to make it. All I could do was pray and send Reiki. I spoke to my friends, family and healers and set up a ‘Dad’s healing group’ to enable as many people as possible to send distant healing to him.

The first week was touch and go and he had 27% burns. I visited the hospital as many times as I could, giving dad Reiki as often as possible, sometimes for a good few hours a day. Little by little, day by day, his body started to respond. I know Dad was receiving the Reiki on some level as his eyebrows moved up and down until I started it again even though he was unconscious. As each day went past, we were told that Dad would have to stay in hospital for many months to recover.

After 3 weeks they woke him up from the coma. Dad continued to get better and better, stronger and stronger. His accident was on 12th July and he was transferred to a rehabilitation unit in Galway 6 weeks later, where he learned to walk and rehabilitate himself again. Interestingly there was a gentleman who came in on the same day as Dad with the same level of burns. He was a few years older but was a physically fit man with no prior conditions. Sadly, he was still in a coma when Dad was transferred to the rehabilitation centre. Dad had been receiving kidney dialysis in hospital and when he arrived at the rehab centre they needed to change the line, strangely they found dads skin was growing up and around the line that connected him to the machine. The Drs and nurses could not believe it and had never seen it before. I put this down to his body receiving the healing. To have access to what I call Reiki Magic is so amazing and available to everyone.

Me & Dad in 2019

Nearly two years on Dad has made a remarkable recovery. He has kidney dialysis now twice a week, but apart from that he is good. The Drs and nurses said his quick recovery was a miracle - I firmly believe that due to the fabulous care he received in the hospital, the love of his family, the access to the Reiki Healing and my dad’s will to get better all helped his speedy recovery.

Reiki isn’t a substitute for medical interventions or treatments but it may aid recovery when used alongside appropriate care. Please always check with the relevant medical Drs.


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