The Start of Carolina @ The Cabin…

Apr 17, 2022

Turning everything upside down was not what we had planned when we had the dream of living between our home and our Cabin (which we rent) to fulfil our thirst for adventure.

In our minds it was an easy task: we just needed to move from A to B. Simple…

We forgot for a moment that we are human beings, have emotions, conditioning, and programming that play a part in our decisions, our movements, and our everyday lives.

It didn’t feel like an adventure as we made the transition between living at our home and preparing for cabin time - there were some challenging times and magical moments - that I would like to share with you, and that’s why I was so so excited to write this blog.

These were the challenges we faced when moving:

Firstly, making the cabin habitable – We created a deadline for transitioning and then quickly came to a realisation: we only had 3 weeks to make the Cabin ready for longer than a one night stay. Will had been poorly with a chest infection for 2 weeks, and couldn’t do any work, so when he got better, the pressure was on. Will spent three weeks nonstop decorating & putting up blinds, through to tidying up and making a headboard for our bed. He also wanted us to have separate living spaces (not one for him and one for me, though that’s a good idea haha) He had the genius idea to put up a stud partition, which was brilliant, so we now have a bed area and a lounge area. I’m not sure how he did it but he did, phew!

Secondly, everyone that knows me, knows I love clutter clearing (my friend and I actually started up a company 20 years ago called 'Clutter Busters'). When we cleared our clutter at home we took some of it up to the cabin so of course, now we were living up there, we needed to clear the cabin! The greatest challenge was my precious books; I had my favourite go-to ones and the ones I was going to get round to read, I loved looking at them on my shelf, and the thought of reading them one day filled me with certainty, hope and thoughts of one day I will need them but I never did! I needed to make space so I chose to give them away for free at Quest, and kept two – this felt great and once I had let go of them I can honestly say I'm not missing them.

When you have an abundance of space it's easy to fill it with stuff but I'm coming to realise we don’t need very much in life, our happiness doesn’t come from stuff, people, it comes from within us.

Don’t get me wrong - I do love that feeling of buying something new… I’m sure we all do, but I have noticed that that happiness is short-lived. I now believe happiness comes from inner peace. When I was younger, I hated the thought of inner peace, it scared me as I thought to be peaceful I wouldn’t be in action but I have found (and still working on and think I probably always will) that there is so much movement in our inner peace and it comes with an inner quality that no words can explain, it is truly a feeling - and experience within us.

Thirdly was the connection to our house, I didn’t realise until the first night of the cabin I was missing the house energetically. That first night I felt so sad, lonely and isolated, not the excitement or happy feelings I had expected to feel. I realised I had not said goodbye energetically to the house, so when we went back the next day to collect the last bits we needed, I said goodbye. It's silly really, as it is still our house and we will be spending time there but it felt like we needed to say goodbye too... it feels like a time for change.

I did this with intention. I meditated; called in the spirit of the house, and spent time in gratitude for all the happy memories. I walked around the house collecting up our energy. I visualised a large spinning vortex scooping up all the energy from the walls, ground, loft, ceiling, furniture, everywhere and then opened the doors to let all the energy out to disperse it. I spent time asking the spirit of the house to bring as much and even more joy, happiness and blessings to the future us and to Amelia and Freddie who are living there also. After doing this little ceremony I felt so much better.

When we arrived back at the cabin we felt so much better…

Fourthly; we chose the 1st of April as it's springtime and we were looking forward to the warmer weather, how wrong we were! We moved in during a snow blizzard and we had some of the coldest nights of the year. Although we had sufficient heating, what we weren't ready for was the constant clicking of the thermostats all night as the radiators struggled to work against the cold. Our first night's sleep was fitful and challenging. Will is always looking to solve a problem and we have now bought a radiant heater which we are told runs silently… Yet to be installed and yet to be proved, but I will keep you updated!

The last challenge for us was some heated words (which rarely happens) a few days after we had moved in. I think the pressure of moving, the deadlines, other things in the background, and living in a very small space took a toll on us. I realised that spending time up at the cabin with that amazing view was/is intense and anything in the way of stillness (as we are surrounded by pure nature) will come up to be cleared! That’s great, and, I am up for that but would like that to happen gently and a little less intense. I felt drawn to do some energy work around the cabin to make it flow a little more gently, giving us rest, some space and some protection.

Energetic Screens are a fantastic way to give yourself a level of protection or easing, for example, if you have a neighbour that you don’t get on with you can use an energy shield to separate your energies. They are easy to erect and just need belief using the power of visualisation. For the neighbour, just visualise an invisible energetic screen along the boundary of your home and garden from deep within the ground to the sky and beyond separating your energies, it can be a screen of love and protection that only the highest good can come through. If you want to know more about this, just message me @thesoulcoach, I will be happy to have a chat!

I am also thinking of doing a workshop later this year (or in 2023) on harmonising your home, creating a sacred space and Feng Shui tips – if you’re interested in this there will be more coming soon, so make sure you keep an eye out on my website for more...

Lastly, the final challenge was the toilet, it is a chemical toilet which means it needs emptying every few days which is an awful job and Will does it without complaint (luckily he has very little smell due to covid)… I went with him once and promptly ran out, but it’s a toilet so we are lucky!

Everything is relative, isn’t it? I know some of our friends think we are crazy and do not understand why we are staying a lot more frequently in our little cabin, but when you look at the view it makes up for everything.

We met some friends in Goa once at their house, and in their back garden, they had a husband and wife living in their tiny garage; the couple was so happy, grateful, content and thought they were living in a palace. They wanted for nothing and shined so much…

I’m so glad we have done what we have done and that after two weeks of staying in the cabin we feel like we are living our dream, not just existing. Now we know that to make any dream happen you need awareness, commitment, perseverance and tolerance.

To make a dream come true you can’t think through all the steps, you don’t know what emotions or what programming might pop up. I have learnt through this experience (and I am still learning) that we have everything we need at the moment to deal with our emotions and our thoughts (programming) by just embracing them, welcoming them and letting them be. Some give us access to wisdom, some for us to take action, some just need to pass through like a wave and some just need a little bit more attention.

I had forgotten about the magical moments, we were in Heaven when we woke up on Friday with a blue sky and Sun, it looked like the rest of the world was under clouds, we get to see a view every day; rabbits, birds, sunrises, sunsets, less cleaning, living an uncluttered, simpler life, the list could go on…

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Thank you, and speak soon!

Carolina x


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