Energy Clearing & Blessing For your Home or Business

“Your home is a reflection of your life. If you and your home are in balance and are working together your life will flow more harmoniously”

Everything around us is energy and that energy affects us. We are all energy, we all create energy and everything is made up of energy. Whatever we say or do leaves an energy imprint and wherever we go we leave an energy imprint. Wherever we spend a lot of time, our energy will build up layer upon layer and be absorbed by what is around us.

A building has its own energy source (a spirit) that, much like us as human beings, is pure in nature. If you think of a baby being born into the world, it is pure and unchanged. The energy is the same for when a building is put together – the energy is simple and untainted.

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As a human, this beautiful energy that we are born with gets covered up by other energies, societal/peer conditioning, beliefs, behaviours, emotions, our actions or other people’s actions, yet within our souls we are still that essence of beautiful energy. This is the same for a building, the energy is affected by the people who live or work there and that energy builds up over time. The land is also affected by this energy, it will absorb the energy of whatever is on the land, if a building is knocked down the energy will often remain affecting any other buildings built on this space.

What can happen is that these buildings or pieces of land can become overloaded with energy imprints. Energy that lingers are often derived from our emotions such as negativity, trauma, grief and sadness. If this kind of energy builds up it can create a negative atmosphere within that space. Sometimes energy gets stuck and doesn’t flow. The effect of this negative energy can impact our well-being, health, relationships, emotions and even our finances.

As human beings we want balance, love, safety and peace. We want success, fulfillment, good relationships with our children, our parents, our partners, we want to have healthy finances, a good job, great health. If we find we are lacking or are unbalanced in any of these areas, we may see a reflection of this in our environment. For some people they feel disconnected from their home and unsettled without knowing why. We want to feel connected to our environment, we want it to flow, to support us, to work with us.

The good news is that energy from a building or land can be released, cleared, moved on, changed and transformed. In a lot of cultures a blessing will be done on a home or business before or just after the occupants have moved in, this is to ensure that the old energy is cleared and the space is ready for new, positive energy.

An energy clearing can be done any time. It will clear out these layers of energy that have built up over time to create a neutral point. Positive energy can then be created and welcomed in which will then help to attract what it is we want in our lives. This could be love, wealth, harmony, health, well-being, connection or success (to name a few). An energy clearing is done using special incense, meditations, blessings and intentions. It also includes elements of Tibetan Feng Shui to help create the right environment for you and your family or business.

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"I own a pub/restaurant which had the most awful energy from previous owners and Carolina came in and cleared this over a day (as it was a big job) and we did lots of visualisation. I swear to you, it was instant! The change was overwhelming & we had many customers commenting about the energy & how lovely it was to come now and just be in the new space & energy. Carolina has educated & helped me enormously also in Feng Shui, which again has had a very positive impact on my business & staff. I have used Carolina both for my home & business, for both of the above and it’s been one of the best life investments I’ve ever made. Alongside this, she is warm, enthusiastic, loving, positive, incredible, genuine & fun! I personally love what she is about and couldn’t recommend her more highly."

For a tailor made consultation call Carolina for a chat on 01372 878606, or email [email protected]

Price:  1 Bed House £295, 2 bedrooms £345, 3 bedrooms £395, 4 bedrooms £495, 5+ £595.
A 50% non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking as I start working remotely immediately upon booking.

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