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Presenting...'9 Secrets to Living a Life of Magic'!

In 2019, after years of devoting my life to self-development and personal mastery, I had an incredible ‘light bulb’ moment. Throughout my journey towards enlightenment, I had read countless books, attended hundreds of courses, watched every video I could find and listened to every guru on the planet. Whilst all of this took my awareness to new heights, the process was long, time consuming, confusing, repetitious, and dare I say it, costly. There had to be a more focused and manageable way to achieve the benefits of all this learning, without taking years to achieve it. That’s when it hit me! My calling was not to keep all of this insight to myself but to share it with you and the world, in a way that would make complete sense, distilled to the absolute essence of its core, in a way that just made sense.

Fast forward to 2022 and I am now so proud to be able to invite you on a journey with me, the Soul Coach, a journey that will transcend everything you had thought before, and will enrich and enliven your life to new heights of awareness, mastery and enlightenment … this journey starts now, together … join me with ‘Living a Life of Magic’.

Love, Carolina x

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9 Secrets to Living a Life of Magic - Digital Course

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What is 'Living a Life of Magic'?

It’s when life has meaning and purpose. It’s when we work with the flow of the universe and we’re in harmony with it. Maybe, in your life, you’re already living in harmony but have just not realised it yet. Or maybe there are aspects of your life which aren’t in harmony, and you would like them to be.

This feeling of magic happens when everything is flowing - we notice the birds singing and the leaves turning colour on the trees. We notice the challenges that help make us stronger. There’s no clutter in our lives. There is harmony, sweetness, self-love and acceptance - a feeling of enjoying life as it is. Miracles happen that you can’t explain…

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How The Course Works

This is an online course, allowing you to go through it at your own pace; and truly engage with the 9 Secrets to Start Living Your Life of Magic...

This course is divided into 9 main 'Secrets' - each covering various topics within them. From house clearing, through to energy & the quantum - all presented through a combination of workbooks, videos, recorded meditations, 21-Day activities, newsletters, printable sheets & graphics.

 Prefer to pay monthly?

You can discover the course month-by-month, exploring one secret at a time... introducing 9 Secrets to Living a Life of Magic (in 9 months!)

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Sneak Peek: What you'll discover...

Understanding Energy

Discover the energy that affects ourselves, our lives, our actions & those around us.

  • Law of Attraction
  • The Energy Vortexes within
  • Our energy system
  • Being grateful, creating a personal mantra & more...

Working with the Magic

Are you fully conscious? Are you living in the present moment, or stuck in the past & worried about the future?

  • 21 Days of Joy
  • Creating your conscious life
  • Synchronicities
  • Your higher self, building spirituality & more...

And much more, including...

A combination of workbooks, videos, recorded meditations, 21-Day activities, printable sheets & graphics!

  • Crystals & Chakras
  • Quantum physics
  • Harmonising & clearing your home
  • Healing, reflections, tarot, palmistry & more...

Are you ready to start Living your Life of Magic?

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I'm so much calmer

"Hi Carolina. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the 21 days of meditation course. As I said before, within a couple of days I found it helped me sleep better but now I’m so much calmer in response to any stresses that arise during the day and look forward to making the time to fit ‘me’ into the day. It may only be 20 minutes but a very powerful 20 minutes to reset and continue more positively. I will continue this routine now after the course and looking forward to revisiting a few of my favourite meditations. Simply amazing."

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Resurrect your connection with the Universe

"Meeting Carolina (Our Guardian Angel) at the time we did was our very own 'sliding doors' moment where the universe gave us a chance to rewrite the path we were heading towards, now to something beyond anything we could've ever imagine possible. I know it sounds a little cliche or bit cheesy but the way Carolina has re-programmed our lives... thoughts turning to emotions... feelings to vibrations... connecting to your consciousness, enhancing your faith and the love you have for every being - has completely revamped our projected landscape in life which was once surrounded with ego, insecurities and negative energies - is now filled with an abundance of loving life, positivity, self belief, peace and prosperity and above all HAPPINESS!

Carolina's guidance through the teachings in this course (which she guided us through in private sessions) has allowed us to resurrect our connection we have as husband and wife, and with the universe, and help move this to the 'next level' transforming our lives in the process, with more to come!"

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How to ask for what you desire & let go, to receive...

"My acting career was going nowhere. I blamed the industry and that I wasn’t working hard enough to better myself. But then, the penny dropped.;I realised I was hiding from myself and running away from the truth. The truth hurts. That day changed everything! I started to realise that you become what you think about. Once I believed in myself…so would everybody else.

I told Carolina this awakening I had had and that’s when she introduced me to ‘Living a Life of Magic’ and what she practices and teaches. She taught us about affirmations, how to ask for what you desire and how to let go so that you can receive, but most importantly….is how to serve and give back.

Once you know what you want in life, be it relationships, love, career, health, travel, house etc… you just have to ask, BELIEVE and follow the bread crumbs as Carolina puts it.

Life becomes so exciting everyday. You’ll get so fed up of receiving that in the end you’ll just want to help others!

Carolina has been one of the biggest bread crumbs in our lives!"

It's your turn to start Living a Life of Magic...


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