Meditation Coaching

Meditation is a powerful form of self-healing. It heals on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels, calming the mind, allowing you to connect to your inner stillness and bringing you into the present moment.  Carolina has developed this coaching programme to enable you to reach a state of relaxed calm and to make meditation part of your life. Each programme is tailor-made to you and to what you need. Carolina works with all levels of meditators - from those who feel they cannot meditate, or who are yet to start their meditation journey, to those who want to develop their existing meditation techniques and seek a deeper level of inner stillness.

The benefits of Meditation are well-known and include naturally lowering your blood pressure, releasing mental stress and anxiety, slowing and deepening your breathing and bringing a focus and stillness to your body despite what is going on around you. Carolina will show you how to integrate Meditation into your daily life, which will bring peace and healing to your mind and body, ensuring you are living your best life, in the now.

Who is Carolina? Carolina - The Soul Coach is a renowned Palm Reader, Soul Mentor, Reiki Healer, Energy Clearer and Spiritual Teacher. She specialises in techniques and exercises that can help you achieve complete spiritual awareness. Carolina founded 'Quest', the spiritual gift shop and Holistic Centre based in Epsom, in 2007. Carolina is also a member of the CNHC and offers Accredited Reiki training at Reiki 1, Reiki Professional Practitioner, Reiki Masters and Master Teacher level.  Furthermore, she does regular spiritual podcasts and YouTube meditation videos as 'The Soul Coach'.

For bookings, 

Contact: 01372 878606

Or email: [email protected]


£125 for 60 minutes

£65 for 30 minutes





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"Met Carolina today for a 40 minute guided meditation that I'd won through her Instagram page. Carolina has the most calming, loving energy and it was lovely to be able to be guided by someone so knowledgeable as herself. She taught me some new techniques for me to practice and use and also gave advice on meditation. Carolina is easy to get along with and made me completely at ease. Thank you so much for today, it was a pleasure!"

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