Palm Reading

Carolina has been a palm reader for over 25 years and has read hundreds of hands during this time. In a typical reading you can expect a look into your past, present and future to help you go forward in your life.

A hand reading can be helpful in many ways, it can give you insight into relationships, direction in a career, help with family concerns or offer guidance in a health matter - it can also help in determining the kind of person you are.

What is not commonly known is that the lines on your hands do change, and so a hand reading can be used either for clarification that you are on the right track or to see if you are heading in the wrong direction and that it’s time to take action.

Who is Carolina? Carolina - The Soul Coach is a renowned Palm Reader, Soul Mentor, Reiki Healer, Energy Clearer and Spiritual Teacher. She specialises in techniques and exercises that can help you achieve complete spiritual awareness. Carolina founded 'Quest', the spiritual gift shop and Holistic Centre based in Epsom, in 2007. Carolina is also a member of the CNHC and offers Accredited Reiki training at Reiki 1, Reiki Professional Practitioner, Reiki Masters and Master Teacher level.  Furthermore, she does regular spiritual podcasts and YouTube meditation videos as 'The Soul Coach'.

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"Just wanted to thank you again and say how amazing the palm reading consultation was that you gave me. You mentioned significant dates and events in my past extremely accurately and insightfully which was so interesting. The whole reading was very uplifting and inspiring and I would not hesitate to come again"

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“Thank you so much for your reading today. I’m blessed to be able to receive and have you as my guide today. I will take on board and practice. 30 mins is simply not enough! Many thanks ”

To book call on 01372 878606 or email [email protected].

Please note, you must be over 18 for a hand reading.

Price: £65 for 30 minutes

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