Reiki 1 Training

Reiki 1 Training Dates with Carolina and/or Alison

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th January 2023

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th March 2023

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th July 2023

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September 2023

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd December 2023

Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’) is Japanese for ‘universal energy’, and is also a word used to describe a system of natural healing.

‚ÄčWe live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flows uninterrupted there is balance and harmony within and around us, and we experience a sense of wellbeing. In our busy and often stressful lives it’s difficult to feel this wellbeing. Reiki energy is a natural healing system that benefits everyone, from young babies to the elderly and is a safe, non-invasive treatment.

Reiki level 1 training primarily focuses on the self; it is open to anyone who wants to learn it. In other words, you do not need any particular knowledge or expertise to enroll in a Reiki level 1 training program. Reiki level 1 training is the first step towards healing your mind, body, emotions and soul; it is the starting point for anyone who wants to use the healing powers of Reiki.

At this level of Reiki training you will be attuned to the Reiki energies, allowing life force energies from the Universe to flow through your body, starting from the crown to the palms. When you receive this energy, you may experience physical symptoms such as coolness, heat or tingling in your palms. It is worth noting that these symptoms generally vary from one person to another and may take a while to manifest.

When you enroll in a Reiki 1 training course, you’ll learn how to use the healing power of Reiki to allow for total harmony and balance to be restored to your mind, body, emotion and soul. Reiki can also promote self-development, therefore allowing you to be at your optimum to deal with all aspects of life. 

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"Thank you to everyone for such an amazing day - the Reiki journey is not without it’s ups and downs and this is just the beginning of what feels like the best ride ever! It’s been an honour to meet each and everyone of you and special thanks to you Carolina, just for being you!"

This Reiki 1 training course includes:

* What is energy & what is Reiki?

* The benefits of receiving and giving Reiki 

* Reiki lineage & history

* The Reiki Ideals

* Four Reiki Attunements

* How to sense Reiki healing energy

* How to give a Reiki treatment including hand positions when treating others and yourself

* How to move Reiki energy through your body to balance the chakras and to de-stress, relax, re-energize or heal yourself

* Teachings about the chakras, meditation and self-care

* An introduction to Reiki 2 and what is required to become a Reiki Practitioner.

You will receive a comprehensive training manual and workbook and details of the ongoing support and training. On receipt of your completed workbook, you will be given your certificate which recognises your competence of Reiki.

Who are Carolina and Alison?

Carolina - The Soul Coach is a renowned Palm Reader, Soul Mentor, Reiki Healer, Energy Clearer and Spiritual Teacher. She specialises in techniques and exercises that can help you achieve complete spiritual awareness. Carolina founded 'Quest', the spiritual gift shop and Holistic Centre based in Epsom, in 2007. Carolina is also a member of the CNHC and offers Accredited Reiki training at Reiki 1, Reiki Professional Practitioner, Reiki Masters and Master Teacher level.  Furthermore, she does regular spiritual podcasts and YouTube meditation videos as 'The Soul Coach'.

Alison started her training with Carolina in 2018, working though the Reiki 1, Professional Practitioner and Master courses, and becoming a Reiki Master Teacher in 2020. She recently joined the training team at Quest, and has helped Carolina develop the Reiki Master Teacher course, which has now been fully accredited by the UK Reiki Federation and the CNHC. Alison mentors Reiki students, encouraging and supporting those wishing to complete their Reiki qualifications, and co-teaches, or teaches the Reiki training courses. She also supports many of Carolina's spiritual and wellbeing workshops.

This course has been fully verified against current National Occupational Standards for Reiki and is in accordance with the Core Curriculum of Reiki training as set by the Reiki Council. It has been approved and verified by the UK Reiki Federation and the CNHC.

To book call on 01372 878606 or email [email protected]

Price: £225

Carolina and Alison also offer 1-to-1 and 1-to-2 training at £295 pp – please send us an email, or give us a call to book.

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