Reiki Healing

If you’re feeling restless, tired, unbalanced or just in need of a total unwind then Reiki healing is the perfect way to revitalise you. Reiki relaxes and rejuvenates. Reiki balances all the chakras and the energy field of the body and soul.

Carolina has practicing Reiki healing for 10 years and absolutely loves the results that can be achieved from  Reiki energy clearing and healing sessions. Reiki healing is a relaxing experience where you can let go and deeply relax knowing that you are being supported so the healing can happen naturally of its own accord.

During this deep relaxing healing session Carolina will sense your energy – looking at your physical, mental and spiritual energies – clearing out any energy blocks and tapping into the Divine energy of the Universe to give you a deep healing session. This helps you to reconnect with your own unique self and raise your spiritual vibrations making you feel more centred, connected, energised and rested.

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After the healing Carolina will give you advice on how to maintain your energy levels and discuss a plan for moving forwards.

*** During the Covid 19 lockdown Carolina is offering online healing sessions via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp ***

To book call on 01372 878606 or email [email protected]

Price: £25 for 15 minutes
£50 for 30 minutes
£75 for 45 minutes
£100 for an hour of Reiki/Combination

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