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With so many things vying for our children’s attention - social media, social pressure and the speeding up of our world - it's no wonder our children can get stressed and find it difficult to cope. They may lack concentration and motivation, feeling like they are not good enough. They could feel like they have an incredible amount of pressure on them; to do well, to fit in, to achieve their dreams, and as a result have unrealistically high expectations of themselves. They may struggle with their confidence, their stress levels or understanding their emotions.
Our children are children for such a short amount of time and we, as parents and guardians, want to be able to give them the very best opportunities to help them in the world.  Taking time out for some relaxation and meditation can help in so many ways. It can help them with brain development and strengthen their attention span. It will ease feelings of stress and anxiety. It can give them time away from all their worries so that they can feel inner peace and calm, it can teach them to understand their feelings and emotions, and help them understand that it is okay to feel a certain way.
Meditation is available to all of us and schools in the UK are now recognising the importance of meditation for the well-being of our children. In some countries, daily meditation is used in every school at the beginning and the end of the day.  Meditating with your child is an opportunity for invaluable bonding. You will be taking time out to do something beneficial together, opening a variety of discussion opportunities between you.
Meditation is an amazing practice which brings many health benefits including: improvements in mood and behaviour, an increase in happiness and peace of mind, and it can help to manage and reduce levels of stress and increase focus and self-awareness.
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As you may know, I have put together a series of meditations for Adults, all of which have had very positive reviews and I have been asked many times to create meditations for children of all ages. For all the reasons above, I have created this latest collection which is aimed at children and teenagers – to give them some space and permission for them to take back control of their emotions.

The three courses available are; 

  1. Relaxation for Younger Children (4-6 year olds)
  2. Relaxation for Children (7-12 year olds) 
  3. Relaxation for Teenagers (13+)

With each meditation, I lovingly guide them through to help reassure, calm, relax, heal, motivate and empower your child.

The Five Guided Meditations for this course designed for our children aged 7-12 years old.

  • Start your morning with love - a good morning meditation, starting the day with loving and uplifting affirmations
  • Magical river adventure - a calming meditation floating down a magical river
  • The light within you - a guided meditation to connect them with their inner light
  • Understanding your feelings - an informative meditation to gently explore our feelings
  • Sleep time adventures - a story to connect to a magical tree to help lull to a gentle sleep

As your Soul Coach, I am here to give you all the support, guidance, and tools you need to support you and your child. 



The Soul Coach xx

Price: £15 for complete course

Downloadable meditations, lifetime access wherever & whenever you choose.

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Here is what other people say:

"I have been listening to these meditations with my daughters (10 and 7) for the past couple of weeks.  They find them incredibly relaxing.  Carolina's voice is really soothing and reassuring.  They both really enjoy listening to them before bed.  It helps them, and myself to relax and unwind.  Thank you Carolina"  Louise, Primary School Teacher

"Lovely meditation, the music was daughter really loved it and after being quite agitated before bed this really relaxed and calmed her down"

"Another beautiful mediation. Sophia really connected with this one! Half way through she whispered to me “it really works” " Orla, Nutritionist and Reiki Practitioner


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