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Hi, I’m Carolina and it’s great to have your company...

Life is full of ups and downs and very often we can find ourselves in a position where we just need a little extra support to get through. Coaching for the soul is just like coaching for the body, it helps to have that extra support, a friend and mentor who can guide you through the complexities and give you the courage, strength and motivation to make significant changes to your life. Sometimes its about looking inwards and taking a journey to your soul, that’s where we can find the answers and the keys to make positive and lasting changes to your life.

However the journey to your soul is not for the fainthearted and requires commitment, perseverance and determination, but if you’re willing to take the journey the rewards are completely life changing.

As your coach, let me help you by showing you how to get there. Together we’ll use techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, awareness, one-on-one personal coaching, all designed to help you live the extraordinary life you are meant to live.

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9 Secrets to Living a Life of Magic - Digital Course

£222.00 GBP

Presenting...'9 Secrets to Living a Life of Magic'!

"Covering all things spiritual - Feng Shui, Mantras, Divination, Quantum Physics & much more..."

I am now so proud to be able to invite you on a journey with me, the Soul Coach, a journey that will transcend everything you had thought before, and will enrich and enliven your life to new heights of awareness, mastery and enlightenment … this journey starts now, together … join me with ‘Living a Life of Magic’.

Love, Carolina x

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21 Days of Guided Meditation

21 lovely guided meditations for you to download. Each one has been created to calm and empower you to love yourself. Start your connection to you now... Say hello to purpose, direction and happier times!

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Connecting to You and the Divine

This 11 week course is designed to help you connect to you and discover your inner power. It will help you to feel more connected, grounded, inspired and empowered. Uniquely curated to assist you on your journey to self-discovery.

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Me – aged 29 and asleep!

There I was, 29 years old with a corporate career at the Prudential, completely loving life and thinking I had it all. The reality was somewhat different. I was absorbed in my career; a mother of two young children; divorced and remarried. I was convinced that I was happy and thought my life was complete but then I woke up!

Up until now my career was my life but eventually my career started to take over and I wasn’t being ‘me’. Surely there was more to me than just my work? I had to be more than this – more than just a mother, more than a daughter, more than someone who’s only thrills came from creating a drama and overspending? Why was I bouncing from one thing to another? Feeling empty, with no emotion, if asked how I was my standard response was ‘I’m fine’.

Then at the age of 29 I saw a palm reader, I woke up and my life changed forever.

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